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IT services

These are some of the services we offer to our clients, we are able to give you support and advice and create 360° solutions in IT.

With us, you will have the opportunity to have a single point of contact to manage your company's entire IT infrastructure.

Cloud solutions

Improve agility in your company with tailor-made Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions are used by companies of all sizes for a wide range of use cases, including data storage, analytics, application development and deployment, big data, backup, collaboration tools, containerization, virtual desktops, and more.
It is important to carefully assess your business needs to create the solution that will fit perfectly with the request.
AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Salesforce are some of the most important vendors we work with. We are ready to kick-start your digital transformation!

Server room management

Critical to ensuring the reliability, security, and optimal performance of IT systems

Monitoring, temperature verification, proper ventilation, cable management, energy backup, access control, maintenance planning, documentation, disaster recovery testing, technology upgrades.
Proper server room management requires constant attention and specialized skills. We are ready to ensure that your IT infrastructure is professionally and reliably managed.

Disaster Recovery

Crucial protection against interruptions

To offer maximum security and reliability, it is possible to implement Disaster Recovery (DR) systems and highly reliable solutions between server rooms located in different locations.
The implementation of DR systems and highly reliable solutions requires needs assessment, business continuity planning, selection of server locations, data replication, virtualization, load balancing, periodic DR testing, security and encryption, continuous monitoring and offsite backups.
The implementation of Disaster Recovery systems and highly reliable solutions requires in-depth planning, investments and resources. However, it offers crucial protection, and we want our customers' infrastructures to be safe.

Network Solutions

Remember that security is paramount when it comes to networks

The design, implementation and testing of network solutions, as well as the implementation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) systems, are critical processes to ensure the security, reliability and optimal performance of your network infrastructure.
We are specialists in creating network solutions, we verify network problems and implement VPN systems.

Refresh Hardware

A well-done hardware refresh can help improve business efficiency

“Hardware refresh” is the process of replacing and upgrading the hardware components of computer systems, such as servers, desktop computers or laptops. This process is important to maintain the efficiency, security and performance of systems over time.
We take care of needs analysis, planning, evaluation of existing hardware, selection of new components, compatibility, backup, installation of new HW, testing and verification, software updating, management of old components and continuous monitoring.
A well-planned hardware refresh can reduce security concerns and ensure your systems keep pace with evolving business needs.

Security Assessment

Cyber security is a long-term commitment

A "Security Assessment" is a process aimed at identifying and evaluating vulnerabilities and risks relating to the security of information and systems within an organization.
We have made a page available to you where you can provide the initial information to be able to undertake a correct vulnerability assessment together. After which we analyze the threats, define the priority actions and implement the corrective actions.

Cybersecurity is a long-term commitment that requires constant vigilance and adaptation to new threats.

Cybersecurity solutions

Cybersecurity solutions tailored to fit your business needs

The design and implementation of cybersecurity solutions are essential to protect information systems, data and corporate assets from cyber threats.
Every single step must be custom designed to fit the specific needs and challenges of the company. A holistic approach to security that includes processes, technologies and employee training is essential to protect the company from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Tailored monitoring

Tailor-made monitoring thanks to YoctoIT Portal

Personalized monitoring is a specific approach for monitoring IT systems and infrastructures in a way adapted to the needs and peculiarities of the company. With YoctoIT portal, you can maintain constant surveillance on your business systems to ensure optimal performance, detect problems in real time and ensure operational continuity.
We can define alarms and notifications, customize monitoring panels, monitor the network, control security events, reports and analyses, updates and maintenance but above all real time monitoring.
Tailor-made monitoring with tools like YoctoIT portal allows you to customize the monitoring experience based on the specific needs of the company, helping to improve resource management, efficiency and system security.

SAP Basis

Managing an SAP Basis environment is critical to your specific business needs and objectives

SAP Basis is responsible for the basic administration and maintenance of SAP systems, which includes:

SAP database and application installation, configuration, monitoring, design and architecture, system installation and configuration, backup and recovery, maintenance and monitoring, and upgrades and migrations.

Managing an SAP Basis system requires specialized skills and good planning. Be sure to follow SAP guidelines and take your specific business needs and objectives into account when designing and implementing SAP Basis solutions.

IT Solutions

On Premise and Cloud Solutions

Full Outsourcing

Disaster Recovery

Refresh Hardware and Digital Transformation Solution

Network and Security Solutions

Business Continuity

Backup & DataBase Management

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