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Why choose  FlashSystem?

These are just some of the benefits your business could have by choosing FlashSystem Family storage

Cost reduction

Eliminate software licensing costs with fully inclusive software.

Store more data in less space.

Instant scale out with usage-based pricing.

Availability of  data guaranteed

Guaranteed data availability of 99.9999%.

High reliability configuration  availability on multiple sites.

Simple data management

Easy migration of data and applications to and from the cloud.

Optimize costs and performance with the intelligent Easy Tier® system, which automatically transfers only the most active data to flash memory.

More performance and Insights

Get business insights faster with NVMe storage.

Simplify management with intelligent software.

Continuously use automation APIs both on premise and in the cloud.



Get high performance, security and control, and save costs with hybrid multicloud solutions  public and private easy to implement.

Security and safety

Automatic data encryption.

Malware detection and application-aware snapshots help achieve reliable cyber resilience.

IBM Flashsystem Family

Storage Made


Having many different storage requirements no longer means using a complex mix of storage solutions.

With the IBM FlashSystem family, you have a single platform that can meet entry-level needs

but also of medium and high range .




IBM FlashSystem 5010

Being budget-conscious does not necessarily mean sacrificing features, performance or enterprise-class service.

FlashSystem 5010 is the answer to the storage needs of SMEs, has far greater performance than the previous generation and supports hybrid multi-clouds

IBM FlashSystem 5030

With next-generation performance and versatility,  FlashSystem 5030  really makes it  economic management  of workloads.

Data reduction  guaranteed  useful to optimize  your storage and future-proof needs by scaling up to  7.7 petabytes.

IBM FlashSystem 5100

Dedicated to companies that need  times of  very low response to price  accessible.

FlashSystem 5100  supports both  unit  NVMe SSD, what a drive  SCM  (Storage Class Memory) for even lower latency, it handles  as far as  23 petabytes  with a 2U rack unit capable of guaranteeing  exceptional performance, scalability and flexibility.

IBM FlashSystem 7200

FlashSystem 7200  offers high-end storage functions to businesses  that need mid-range enterprise-class storage.

It benefits from  applications based on  artificial intelligence, offers a  real-time analytics  and multicloud architectures that require performance and capabilities  upper level.

IBM FlashSystem 9200

Speed up applications  mission-critical  with the highest level of performance, functionality, security and availability.

FlashSystem 9200  is a high-performance storage drive optimized for  NVMe, ideal for modern multicloud business operations.

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