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YoctoIT Contest

Have you finished your academic career, do you have the desire, the talent and the ideas but can't find the opportunity?
We can help you!


YoctoIT launches the contest for new IT talents.

What is it about?
We will provide you with the tools , a personal workstation in our offices together with our team.
You will only have to carry out your project. You will have 3 months to design, create and develop a mobile app!
All projects will be evaluated and the most innovative app will win!
The best candidate will be rewarded with the inclusion in our YoctoIT team and a training course aimed at professional growth.
Applications will be open from 01/10/2021 to 31/10/2021 .
Don't waste time, make your dream come true with us, sign up!

System integrator

YoctoIT Contest

Thanks for your registration and in boca al lupo!

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